These events are generated by menu or sample controls. More complex controls, such as wTreeCtrl, have separate command event classes. Note that the wCommandEvent and wCommandEvent-derived event classes by default propagate upward from the source window up to the first parent which processes the event.

Subclasses:wStatusBarEvent wSpinEvent wListEvent wTreeEvent wHyperlinkEvent
Seealso:wButton wCheckBox wRadioButton wListBox wComboBox wCheckComboBox wToolBar wTextCtrl wNoteBook wCalendarCtrl wDatePickerCtrl wTimePickerCtrl wSplitter
wEvent_MenuA menu item is selected.
wEvent_CommandLeftClickClicked the left mouse button within the control.
wEvent_CommandLeftDoubleClickDouble-clicked the left mouse button within the control.
wEvent_CommandRightClickClicked the right mouse button within the control.
wEvent_CommandRightDoubleClickDouble-clicked the right mouse button within the control.
wEvent_CommandSetFocusWhen the control receives the keyboard focus.
wEvent_CommandKillFocusWhen the control loses the keyboard focus.
wEvent_CommandEnterWhen enter key was pressed in a control.
wEvent_ButtonThe button is clicked.
wEvent_ButtonEnterThe mouse is entering the button.
wEvent_ButtonLeaveThe mouse is leaving the button.
wEvent_CheckBoxThe check box is clicked.
wEvent_RadioButtonThe radio button is clicked.
wEvent_ListBoxWhen an item on the list is selected or the selection changes.
wEvent_ListBoxDoubleClickWhen the listbox is double-clicked.
wEvent_ComboBoxWhen an item on the list is selected, calling getValue() returns the new value of selection.
wEvent_ComboBoxCloseUpWhen the list box of the combobox disappears.
wEvent_ComboBoxDropDownWhen the list box part of the combobox is shown.
wEvent_CheckComboBoxWhen the value of the checkcombobox changed.
wEvent_CheckComboBoxCloseUpWhen the list box of the checkcombobox disappears.
wEvent_CheckComboBoxDropDownWhen the list box part of the checkcombobox is shown.
wEvent_ToolClick left mouse button on the tool bar. Same as wEvent_Menu.
wEvent_ToolRightClickClick right mouse button on the tool bar.
wEvent_ToolDropDownDrop down menu selected. If unhandled, displays the default dropdown menu.
wEvent_ToolEnterThe mouse cursor has moved into or moved off a tool.
wEvent_TextWhen the text changes.
wEvent_TextUpdateWhen the control is about to redraw itself.
wEvent_TextMaxlenWhen the user tries to enter more text into the control than the limit.
wEvent_TextEnterWhen pressing Enter key.
wEvent_NoteBookPageChangingThe page selection is about to be changed. This event can be vetoed.
wEvent_NoteBookPageChangedThe page selection was changed.
wEvent_CalendarSelChangedThe selected date changed.
wEvent_CalendarViewChangedThe control view changed.
wEvent_DateChangedThe selected date changed.
wEvent_TimeChangedThe selected time changed.
wEvent_SplitterThe position is dragging by user. This event can be vetoed.
wEvent_HotkeyChangingThe hotkey is about to be changed. This event can be vetoed.
wEvent_HotkeyChangedThe hotkey was changed.


method getMenuItem(self: wCommandEvent): wMenuItem {...}{.inline, raises: [], tags: [].}
Returns the menu item (valid for wEvent_Menu and wEvent_MenuRightClick).