wSplitter control is used to split a window into two resizable panel. The panels size and position can be changed by users or by setSize()/setPosition() programmatically.

A splitter can also attach to one or both panel so that the panel's margin become draggable. Of course it only works if the margin size near to the splitter is not zero.

Notice: To avoid flicker during resizing, add wDoubleBuffered or wClipChildren style depends on what controls you want to place into the panels. For most case, wDoubleBuffered is prefered, however, a few controls don't suppoort it. For example, report view mode of wListCtrl. Moreover, different version of Windows treats it differently. So please try and choose the best result by yourself.

wSpVerticalSpecifies a vertical splitter.
wSpHorizontalSpecifies a horizontal splitter.
wSpNoBorderNo border (default).
wSpButtonDraws the splitter button style.
wSpBorderDraws a standard border.
wSp3dBorderDraws a 3D effect border around splitter.
wEvent_SplitterThe position is dragging by user. This event can be vetoed.


wSpNoBorder = 0
wSpButton = 1152921504606846976
wSpBorder = 0x00800000
wSp3dBorder = 562949953421312