A toolbar is a bar of buttons and/or other controls usually placed below the menu bar in a wFrame.

wTbFlatGives the toolbar a flat and transparent look.
wTbNoDividerSpecifies no divider (border) above the toolbar.
wTbHorizontalSpecifies horizontal layout (default).
wTbVerticalSpecifies vertical layout.
wTbBottomAlign the toolbar at the bottom of parent window.
wTbRightAlign the toolbar at the right side of parent window.
wTbNoAlignSpecifies no alignment with the parent window.
wTbNoResizeSpecifies no resize.
wTbDefaultStyleCombination of wTbHorizontal and wTbFlat
wEvent_ToolClick left mouse button on the tool bar. Same as wEvent_Menu.
wEvent_ToolRightClickClick right mouse button on the tool bar.
wEvent_ToolDropDownDrop down menu selected. If unhandled, displays the default dropdown menu.
wEvent_ToolEnterThe mouse cursor has moved into or moved off a tool.


wTbFlat = 0x00000800
wTbNoDivider = 0x00000040
wTbhorizontal = 0
wTbVertical = 0x00000080
wTbBottom = 0x00000003
wTbRight = 131
wTbNoAlign = 0x00000008
wTbNoResize = 0x00000004
wTbDefaultStyle = 2048
wTbNormal = 0x00000000
wTbSeparator = 0x00000001
wTbCheck = 0x00000002
wTbRadio = 6
wTbDropDown = 0x00000080