These events are generated by wListCtrl.

wEvent_ListBeginDragBegin dragging with the left mouse button.
wEvent_ListBeginRightDragBegin dragging with the right mouse button.
wEvent_ListBeginLabelEditBegin editing a label. This event can be vetoed.
wEvent_ListEndLabelEditFinish editing a label. This event can be vetoed.
wEvent_ListDeleteItemAn item was deleted.
wEvent_ListDeleteAllItemsAll items were deleted.
wEvent_ListItemFocusedThe currently focused item has changed.
wEvent_ListItemSelectedThe item has been selected.
wEvent_ListItemDeselectedThe item has been deselected.
wEvent_ListItemActivatedThe item has been activated (ENTER or double click).
wEvent_ListItemRightClickThe right mouse button has been clicked on an item.
wEvent_ListInsertItemAn item has been inserted.
wEvent_ListColClickA column has been left-clicked.
wEvent_ListColRightClickA column has been right-clicked.
wEvent_ListColBeginDragThe user started resizing a column. This event can be vetoed.
wEvent_ListColDraggingThe divider between columns is being dragged.
wEvent_ListColEndDragA column has been resized by the user.
wEvent_ListColBeginMoveThe user started moving a column.
wEvent_ListColEndMoveA column has been moved by the user.
wEvent_ListitemCheckedThe item has been checked.
wEvent_ListitemUncheckedThe item has been unchecked.


wEvent_ListFirst = 32770
wEvent_ListBeginDrag = 32771
wEvent_ListBeginRightDrag = 32772
wEvent_ListBeginLabelEdit = 32773
wEvent_ListEndLabelEdit = 32774
wEvent_ListDeleteItem = 32775
wEvent_ListDeleteAllItems = 32776
wEvent_ListItemFocused = 32777
wEvent_ListItemSelected = 32778
wEvent_ListItemDeselected = 32779
wEvent_ListItemActivated = 32780
wEvent_ListItemRightClick = 32781
wEvent_ListItemChecked = 32782
wEvent_ListItemUnchecked = 32783
wEvent_ListInsertItem = 32784
wEvent_ListColClick = 32785
wEvent_ListColRightClick = 32786
wEvent_ListColBeginDrag = 32787
wEvent_ListColDragging = 32788
wEvent_ListColEndDrag = 32789
wEvent_ListColBeginMove = 32790
wEvent_ListColEndMove = 32791
wEvent_ListLast = 32792


method getIndex(self: wListEvent): int {...}{.inline, raises: [], tags: [].}
The item index.
method getColumn(self: wListEvent): int {...}{.inline, raises: [], tags: [].}
The column position.
method getText(self: wListEvent): string {...}{.inline, raises: [], tags: [].}
The (new) item label for wEvent_ListEndLabelEdit event.