A text control allows text to be displayed and edited.

If the user pressed Enter key inside the control, a wEvent_TextEnter event will be generated. If this event is not processed, the default behavior of text control will be doen. However, for read-only control, wEvent_TextEnter will never be generated.

wTeMultiLineThe text control allows multiple lines.
wTePasswordThe text will be echoed as asterisks.
wTeReadOnlyThe text will not be user-editable.
wTeNoHideSelShow the selection event when it doesn't have focus.
wTeLeftThe text in the control will be left-justified (default).
wTeCentreThe text in the control will be centered.
wTeCenterThe text in the control will be centered.
wTeRightThe text in the control will be right-justified.
wTeDontWrapDon't wrap at all, show horizontal scrollbar instead.
wTeRichUse rich text control under, this allows to have more than 64KB of text in the control.
wTeProcessTabWith this style, press TAB key to insert a TAB character instead of switches focus to the next control. Only works with wTeMultiLine.
wEvent_TextWhen the text changes.
wEvent_TextUpdateWhen the control is about to redraw itself.
wEvent_TextMaxlenWhen the user tries to enter more text into the control than the limit.
wEvent_TextEnterWhen pressing Enter key.


wTeMultiLine = 0x00000004
wTeReadOnly = 0x00000800
wTePassword = 0x00000020
wTeNoHideSel = 0x00000100
wTeLeft = 0x00000000
wTeCentre = 0x00000001
wTeCenter = 0x00000001
wTeRight = 0x00000002
wTeDontWrap = 1048704
wTeRich = 1152921504606846976
wTeProcessTab = 0x00004000