A navigation event holds information about events associated with wWebView objects.

wEvent_WebViewNavigatingGenerated before trying to get a resource. This event can be vetoed.
wEvent_WebViewContextMenuGenerated before trying to show context menu. This event can be vetoed.
wEvent_WebViewNewWindowGenerated when a new window is created. This event can be vetoed.
wEvent_WebViewLoadedGenerated when the document is fully loaded and displayed.
wEvent_WebViewErrorGenerated when a navigation error occurs. This event can be vetoed (cancel navigation to an error page).
wEvent_WebViewTitleChangedGenerated when the page title changes.
wEvent_WebViewStatusChangedGenerated when the status text changes.
wEvent_WebViewHistoryChangedGenerated when the history of visited pages changes.


wEvent_WebViewFirst = 32770
wEvent_WebViewNavigating = 32771
wEvent_WebViewContextMenu = 32772
wEvent_WebViewNewWindow = 32773
wEvent_WebViewLoaded = 32774
wEvent_WebViewError = 32775
wEvent_WebViewTitleChanged = 32776
wEvent_WebViewStatusChanged = 32777
wEvent_WebViewHistoryChanged = 32778
wEvent_WebViewLast = 32779


method getUrl(self: wWebViewEvent): string {...}{.inline, raises: [], tags: [].}
Returns the url (valid for wEvent_WebViewNavigating, wEvent_WebViewNewWindow, and wEvent_WebViewError).
method getText(self: wWebViewEvent): string {...}{.inline, raises: [], tags: [].}
Returns the text (valid for wEvent_WebViewStatusChanged and wEvent_WebViewTitleChanged).
method getErrorCode(self: wWebViewEvent): int {...}{.inline, raises: [], tags: [].}
Returns the error code (valid for wEvent_WebViewError).