This module contains Windows API, struct, and constant definitions. The definitions are translated from MinGW's Windows headers.

The module also include some windows string type utilities and COM support. See utils.nim, winstr.nim, and com.nim for details.

import winim # impore all modules, except COM support
import winim/lean # for core SDK only
import winim/mean # for core SDK + Shell + OLE
import winim/com # for core SDK + Shell + OLE + COM support
To compile:
nim c source.nim
  add -d:winansi or -d:useWinAnsi for Ansi version (Unicode by default).
  add -d:noDiscardableApi if not like discardable windows API.
  add -d:noRes to disable the visual styles (not to link winim32.res or winim64.res).
  add -d:lean same as import winim/lean.
  add -d:mean or -d:win32_lean_and_mean same as import winim/mean.
  add -d:notrace disable COM objects trace. See com.nim for details.