These events are generated by wWindow when the mouse moves or clicks.

wMouseEvent (client)Description
wEvent_LeftDownThe left button was pressed.
wEvent_LeftUpThe left button was released.
wEvent_MiddleDownThe middle button was pressed.
wEvent_MiddleUpThe middle button was released.
wEvent_RightDownThe right button was pressed.
wEvent_RightUpThe right button was released.
wEvent_MotionSame as wEvent_MouseMove.
wEvent_MouseMoveThe cursor moves.
wEvent_LeftDoubleClickThe the left button was double-clicked
wEvent_MiddleDoubleClickThe the middle button was double-clicked
wEvent_RightDoubleClickThe the right button was double-clicked
wMouseEvent (nonclient)Description
wEvent_NcLeftDownwEvent_LeftDown within the nonclient area
wEvent_NcLeftUpwEvent_LeftUp within the nonclient area
wEvent_NcMiddleDownwEvent_MiddleDown within the nonclient area
wEvent_NcMiddleUpwEvent_MiddleUp within the nonclient area
wEvent_NcRightDownwEvent_RightDown within the nonclient area
wEvent_NcRightUpwEvent_RightUp within the nonclient area
wEvent_NcMotionwEvent_Motion within the nonclient area
wEvent_NcMouseMotionwEvent_MouseMove within the nonclient area
wEvent_NcLeftDoubleClickwEvent_LeftDoubleClick within the nonclient area
wEvent_NcMiddleDoubleClickwEvent_MiddleDoubleClick within the nonclient area
wEvent_NcRightDoubleClickwEvent_RightDoubleClick within the nonclient area
wMouseEvent (others)Description
wEvent_MouseWheelThe mouse wheel is rotated.
wEvent_MouseHorizontalWheelThe mouse's horizontal scroll wheel is tilted or rotated.
wEvent_MouseEnterWhen the cursor enters the client area of the window
wEvent_MouseLeaveWhen the cursor leaves the client area of the window
wEvent_MouseHoverWhen the cursor hovers over the client area of the window for the period of time.


wEvent_Motion = 0x00000200
wEvent_MouseMove = 0x00000200
wEvent_LeftDown = 0x00000201
wEvent_LeftUp = 0x00000202
wEvent_LeftDoubleClick = 0x00000203
wEvent_RightDown = 0x00000204
wEvent_RightUp = 0x00000205
wEvent_RightDoubleClick = 0x00000206
wEvent_MiddleDown = 0x00000207
wEvent_MiddleUp = 0x00000208
wEvent_MiddleDoubleClick = 0x00000209
wEvent_MouseWheel = 0x0000020A
wEvent_MouseHorizontalWheel = 0x0000020E
wEvent_NcMouseMove = 0x000000A0
wEvent_NcMotion = 0x000000A0
wEvent_NcLeftDown = 0x000000A1
wEvent_NcLeftUp = 0x000000A2
wEvent_NcLeftDoubleClick = 0x000000A3
wEvent_NcRightDown = 0x000000A4
wEvent_NcRightUp = 0x000000A5
wEvent_NcRightDoubleClick = 0x000000A6
wEvent_NcMiddleDown = 0x000000A7
wEvent_NcMiddleUp = 0x000000A8
wEvent_NcMiddleDoubleClick = 0x000000A9
wEvent_MouseLeave = 0x000002A3
wEvent_MouseHover = 0x000002A1
wEvent_MouseEnter = 32770


method getWheelRotation(self: wMouseEvent): int {...}{.raises: [], tags: [].}
Get wheel rotation, positive or negative indicates direction of rotation.